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What to Look for in Eugene Resumes

If looking at resumes is something you do on a fairly regular basis, then you may not always know what to look for. Tossing aside the questionable ones is pretty easy but knowing what to look for in candidates applying for jobs in Eugene can be tricky. Here are some key points to keep an eye out for when the time comes to narrow down the candidate search:

1. A customized cover letter: candidates who do their homework will go out of there way to make a customized, position specific cover letter with his or her resume. These candidates will addresses the needs of your company and the duties of the position in the letter.

2. Relevant work experience: similar to the custom cover letter, the ideal resume will be unique to the position. Candidates whose past work experience ties in with the duties and responsibilities of the position are what you want.

3. Related work experience: give some consideration to candidates with job experience that is similar to, though not entirely the same as the job they are applying for. This can be useful if you have narrowed your search to three candidates whose prior experience doesnÂ’t exactly match that of the position; some one who has a lot of experience answering phone calls can be considered for a customer service position.

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