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Tips for Your Eugene Job Phone Interview

Sometimes, a company will want to talk to a job candidate over the phone before scheduling a face-to-face interview. While a lot of your basic interview prep work will still be beneficial, phone interviews come with their own unique factors that need to be taken into account. When you are applying for jobs in Eugene, here are some tips you should remember if you interview over the phone, courtesy of Andrew G. Rosen at U.S. News.

1. Have your resume and some notes with you: keep yourself on your toes by having your resume and notes right in front of you during the call. That way you will see what the interviewer is seeing and remind yourself of questions you want to ask. Rosen recommends having physical copies of these things if you don’t have internet access.

2. Make the call at home: you’re home is a controlled environment with minimal distractions. This is where you want to be when the phone rings.

3. Be prepared: according to Rosen, it is best to be ready to go at a moments notice (with all of your materials). Try to be prepared five minutes before the call comes in. He also says that interviewers may call early to test candidates.

4. Be mindful of your body language: your body language is still going to be a factor, even though your interviewer can’t see you. Rosen suggests finding a middle ground with your body; don’t move around too much and don’t stay too still.

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